Maytag Cartoons

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"Going to repair the washer, eh? I need a good reason to buy a new one."

"Here's one that should be easy!"

"There's a little nip in the air today, notice?"

"Can you rig a firehouse bell to the dryer so I can tell when it shuts off?"

"There's the two cutest bachelors who come here every week..."

Do you mind holding up for a minute? Just one more before you take away our old Maytag for good!!

"I'll give you three to one they get their new Maytag Washer!"

"She wants to know which button you push for grass skirts?"

"OH, yeah well maybe you object enough to buy me a new Maytag dryer!!"

"Nope! those I like IKE buttons won't work"


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