Maytag Pictures

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  Founder F. L. Maytag and grandson Fred Maytag II in a Maytag automobile Between 1907 and 1912.  Maytag tried his hand at making Cars.
  During the war Maytag went into building defense products. One of the items tested was a twin cylinder power pack. Rumor is that there where only five of these built.
  The Maytag Toy Racer was built as a promo item between 1934 and 1941, with a total production of only 498, making this one of the most desirable of the Maytag collectible items. Powered by a single cylinder Maytag engine with a top speed of 8 m.p.h.

  Animated picture of operation of Maytag wringer washer components.
  Maytag copper tub or vitrolite tub Model # 10. Total production 129556.
  Model # 26 Total production 11003. Made between 1929 through 1933. The first of the Maytag with the new pitman drive.
  The Maytag Fruit Jar Engine is the most collectible of all the Maytag engines. A mason fruit Jar was used as the fuel tank.
  Early Maytag Salesman with two Maytag washer on the way to eager buyers. All types of things where taken in trade, or used as a down.
  This is a promotion Maytag lamp that was sold by Maytag dealers in the early seventy's.
  A Maytag powered lawnmower. Maytag only made one Mower however the Maytag Multimotor was used by many mower manufacturers.
  Maytag light power plant. Generates 110 volt 60 cycle 250 watts. Would operate 8 to 10 hours on one gallon of gas.
  This is a single cylinder Maytag engine which is unusual because of the crankshaft going through the block
  One of the very first Maytag wooden washing Machines.1909 through 1925
  Picture of a print of early Maytag advertisement poster.
  Miniature working model of Maytag washing machine, in very nice condition.
  Miniature Working Maytag Twin.
  Picture of early name/logo before company became Maytag.
  Model 72 washer with fruit jar engine. First aluminum washer made by Maytag.  Click on picture for more views.
  Picture taken in museum in Newton of  model 80 washer.
  Picture of early creamer ad.
  Picture of early Maytag washer with the very rare fruit jar engine.
  Picture of early components hand made before they went into production.
  Picture of F.L. Maytag and signature taken at the Maytag museum in Newton.
  Another picture of a early ad.
  Watch Fob "the Ruth" early farm equipment symbol/trade mark.
  Maytag Oil Can, oil used to mix with fuel on early washers.
  Can on right very rare tall oil can.
  Small apartment style washer. Stands about 12" high.
  Small apartment style washer. Stands about 24" high.
Prototype wringer washer that never went into production.
  Picture of Maytag Factory.
  Back pack generator carried by soldiers in WW II to power radio equipment.
  Picture of Maytag made aircraft parts for World War II, in museum Newton.
  Maytag Twin 72 engine from cover page of Maytag parts manual. ttwin.gif (3479 bytes)

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