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The "Goat" Two Cylinder Race Car

  For five years, the "Goat" was the undisputed speed car in its class, the fastest two cylinder car in America, and many times victor over higher priced and higher powered cars. The "Goat was a stock car simply stripped for racing with a lower set wheel.

Events Won

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July, 1906-Hill Climb at Des Moines, Iowa.
October, 1906-Riverside Hill Climb at Des Moines, Iowa.
May 30 1907-Hill Climb Kanas City Missouri.
June 6, 1907-Perfect Score, Reliability Run, Chicago, Ill.
June 7, 1907-Perfect Score, Reliability Run, Milwaukee,Wis.
August, 1907-Two Races Milwaukee, against $2,000 cars.
September, 1907-Three Races, Minneapolis, against four cylinder cars.
August, 1907-Record Run, Kansas City to Denver, 28 hours and 10 mins.
August, 1907- All events in Oldfield Meeting at Des Moines, Iowa.
October, 1907- Only Two Cylinder to finish in Reliability Run, Minneapolis.
August 1908-Perfect score in Des Moines Reliability Run.
August 1908-1000 Mile Reliability Run, Chicago, Four Days.
December, 1908-Hill Climb at Des Moines, Iowa.
January, 1909-Race at San Antonio, Texas.
July, 1909-Only Two Cylinder to finish in Gliddon Tour.
August, 1909- Algonquin Hill Climb
April 16, 1910-121 Mile Match Race, Salina to Hayes City, Kanas.
May 12, 1910-Two Mile Free For All Race at Shenandoah, Iowa.
May 12, 1910-Five Mile Free For All Race at Shenandoah, Iowa.
July 1, 1910-Ten mile race at Indianapolis Speedway.
July 13, 1910-Five Mile Race Whinnipeg, Manitoba.


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Model "B" Price $1,150



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Model "C" Price $1,150



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Model "E" Price $1,650



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Model "G" Price $1,750



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Model "H" Price $1,650


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