In addition to its single load laundry equipment and multi-load dryers for the commercial market, Maytag added a line of front loading washers in 1987. Maytag began marketing a line of ranges and refrigerators in 1946, both of which were manufactured with the Maytag name by other companies. However, chose not to stay in this business, and ranges were discontinued in 1955 and refrigerators in 1960. Six years later the company reentered the kitchen appliance field with a portable dishwasher, and in 1968 they unveiled a line of food waste disposers. These products were manufactured at the Maytag facilities. In 1969 the company add a built-in dishwasher and a convertible dishwasher. 

  Two more built in model were introduced in 1971, and today the company offers a full line. In 1981 Maytag launched a program of growth by acquisition and purchased Hardwick Stove Company of Cleveland, Tenn. Maytag re-entered the cooking appliance field in 1982 with a line of gas and electric ranges, wall ovens, built-in cook tops and microwave ovens.


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