The Headquarters building was dedicated in 1961, and the Technical Center was created with the renovation of part of Plant 1 in 1988. Completing the Maytag office complex are Research and Development and the Training Center on the east side of Dependability Square. Upon his death in 1962, Fred Maytag II was succeeded as chairman of the board and chief executive officer by George M. Unibreit. E.G. Higdon was named president of the company at the same time. This marked the first time in history that the company was not headed by a Maytag. Since then, professional managers have led Maytag Company, and family members have not been involved in management. In 1972, Daniel J. Krumm succeeded E.G. Higdon as Maytag president and treasurer, and two years later he was named chief executive officer.


  Maytag expanded into the growing commercial laundry field. In 1958, the company began manufacturing washers and dryers for commercial self-service laundries and commercial route operators. Over the years, the company has introduced many innovations it the commercial laundry field, including plastic tickets to operate machines rather than coins and the concept of stacking two regular size dryers. The latter idea provides customers with their own individual laundry areas, and it saves space while conserving energy.


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