Production of Wringer washers was resumed in 1946, three years later Plant number 2, a new facility for manufacturing automatic washers was opened in Newton. Maytag's first automatic washer, the AMP, was introduced in 1949 and began a new era in the history of the company.

  Plant Number Two built in Newton in 1949, It has been expanded many times since then.With the beginning of the Korean War in 1951, Maytag again served its country, constructing a building next to Plant 1 to produce parts for tanks and other military equipment while continuing its washer production. Production of clothes dryers was added in 1953.thirty years later in late 1983, the end of an era occurred when Maytag discontinued production of wringer washers.


 The company had produced wringer washers for 76 years, and when manufacturing was discontinued, 11.7 million units had rolled off assembly lines in Newton, Iowa. Industry sales of wringer washers had been decreasing since 1948, and, because of the low volume involved, it was no longer economical for Maytag to manufacture the product. Plant 2 has been expanded many times since it was built in 1949. The facility and its adjoining product warehouse now cover more than 2 million square feet on a 175-acre tract. Plant 1, where component parts are manufactured, covers over 29 acres with its numerous buildings and has a floor area of more than a million square feet.


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