In 1925 the company went public with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The company did not, however, turn its back on its rural base. It soon began providing butter churn and meat grinder attachments for its washers and adapted it Multi-Motor for use with a cream separator and, in the 1930's to function as a light generator. In 1924 an iron had been introduced as a companion appliance to the Maytag washer. From 1926 to 1940 the company was headed by E. H. Maytag, another son of the founder.


  In 1929 the company reached a pre-war high in earnings of $6,838,883.00. The firm made its way through the depression years without encountering a loss. As the shadow of war fell over the country, E. H. Maytag passed away and his son, Fred Maytag II (grandson of F.L. Maytag), assumed the presidency in 1940 at the age of 29.


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