Ol' Lonely, symbol of Maytag dependability, has become a part of the American scene.

The Lonely Repairman's value to Maytag goes far beyond advertising alone. Played to perfection since in the beginning by Jesse White, the famous character actor,  he made the popular figure in American folklore. Network comedians frequently allude to "Ol' Lonely" in their routines. He has been the subject of scores of articles in magazines and newspapers. He has been portrayed in not only in entertainment cartoons but also editorial cartoons in news papers all over the country. Ol' Lonely has become the symbol of dependability for Maytag, but also the symbol for America.

Gordan Jump Ol' Lonely since 1989

Fans cheer Jesse White at the dedication of the
Maytag's Dependability Square in Newton.

In French-speaking Quebec, the Lonely Maytag Repairman is played by Paul Berval.

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